Imaging the Deep Sky

Astronomical Images by George Greaney



CCD Images 

Film Images



CCD Imaging:

Getting the Images:  Ash Meadows Observatory

  Equipment:  OGS Ritchey-Chretien 14.5 in f/7.9 Telescope & CCD Cameras 

Image Processing:  Software & Image Processing Techniques

  Gallery of CCD Images:    Astronomical CCD Images Gallery


Film Imaging:

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Getting the Images:   Dark sky site, Equipment & Techniques

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Darkroom Techniques:  Enhanced Color Astrophotography

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Digital Image ProcessingDigital Image Enhancement in Astrophotography

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Refractor Gallery:  Images from the Astrophysics 6 inch f/7 EDF Refractor         

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Celestron-14 Gallery:  Images from the Celestron-14 SCT 

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Ritchey-Chretien Gallery:   Images from the OGS 14.5 inch f/7.65 RCT  


  Biographical Information

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Astroimaging Links

WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Adjust your Monitor!



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